Securing your Mac with EFI Firmware Passwords

Securing your Mac with EFI Firmware Passwords

EFI Passwords protect your Mac from being booted into recovery mode or off of external devices and should be considered a must set security measure on every mac. This post will provide you with guidance on to secure your machine.
Large Format Printing now Available at "The Mint"

Large Format Printing now Available at "The Mint"

The Rutland Maker Space known as The Mint has a new resource for members. Starting today members have the ability to print documents up to 44" wide thanks to the contribution of a large format HP printer from CTCI. The Mint has lots of amazing resources; on the technology side, this even includes multiple 3D printers.

At Circle Technology Collective we believe the worth of a business is not only measured by its profitability, but also by its contributions to the community that supports it. Developing the community serves to harness and bolster the abilities of our neighbors, creating an environment wherein the business can thrive while utilizing local resources.

For these reasons CTCI contributes, at minimum, 10% of its earnings to local organizations and every member of the CTCI family volunteers at least eight hours per month to local non-profits.

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