Large Format Printing Now Available at “The Mint”

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

CTCI has been an active member at Rutland’s makerspace, known as “The Mint,” since the day it opened to the public.  We even have our own on-site desk for our staff to work on exciting projects. In December of 2017, CTCI hosted the Rutland area’s first “Hour of Code” event at this wonderful non-profit space.  Now we are expanding upon the resources available to members of The Mint.

CTCI has provided The Mint with a long-term loan of an HP large format color printer, which has the ability to print documents up to 44″ wide. This great addition will give members the ability to generate blueprints and similar items on-site. There are costs associated with use of the printer but, in the interest of keeping the printer accessible to all, members only pay the cost of their ink and paper.

The Mint’s members should be on the lookout for upcoming courses on programs such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop as the knowledge they gain will allow them to take full advantage of the large format printer. If you’re interested in classes being held by CTCI please visit our events page, but we are not the only company providing great training to members so click here for a full list of classes being offered at The Mint!

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