Tech Inspired Learning Luncheons at CTCI

From Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, or Palm Beach to a more rural Rutland, at CTCI we are a collective of tech professionals who have traveled around the globe only to return home to enjoy the wonders that Vermont has to offer. We value a small community and also value all of the opportunity that the world of tech presents. As a part of our company’s community promise, we are committed to bring community access to technology resources: small Vermont town does not mean small opportunities.

CTCI will be hosting free luncheon style community workshops. These luncheons are geared to be an opportunity for eager individuals or businesses who want a greater taste of tech and are looking for a resource to provide access to emerging technologies.

Whether it be drones in your environment, branding, security, or automation (to name a few) each luncheon is designed to circulate tech information into our community with a specific technology related topic in mind. Our first Come learn with CTCI luncheon focuses on the Basics of Search Engine Optimization.

Come learn with CTCI where you have the opportunity to learn something new, meet other like-minded people, and enjoy a light lunch which will be provided to all attendees. Currently, our luncheons will take place at our local Rutland, VT office.

All Come learn with CTCI luncheons will be posted on our Events page as they are scheduled. Registration is required, so make sure to claim your spot today!

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