Our Leadership Team

Picture of Avery Chipka
Chief Security Officer

Avery Chipka

Avery has been involved in the Technology field for more than two decades. With a dynamic range of skills, he is also a frequent presenter at some of the largest industry trade shows, and holds more than 100 certifications with specializations in digital strategy and security. Today, he functions as Senior Partner and Chief Security Officer of CTCI and operates out of our headquarters located in Rutland, Vermont.

Picture of Casey Chipka
Creative Director

Casey Chipka

Casey has been involved as Digital Creative for over 20 years, specializing in brand strategy, UX/UI, graphic design, typography, and audio/video multimedia. She is the Creative Director and lead brand strategist, and works primarily at the Rutland, Vermont office. In her spare time, Casey enjoys playing with synthesizers, reading up on semiotics, and training martial arts.

Picture of Glitch & Code

Glitch & Code

Glitch & Code are CTCI's mascots. They serve as live-action guardian Foo Dogs, despite actually being Maine Coons. They rush to the main door to greet our visitors, smiling and purring all the while. They are full-time residents at the Rutland, Vermont office.

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