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Must Know Shortcut Keys for Macs

One major draw to Apple products is their ease of use. Apple intentionally incorporates ways to make using each product as convenient as possible. In this same vein, users quickly learn and internalize tips and tricks to make their experience even better. Below you will find keyboard shortcuts that will help make your work flow …

Your Brand and Brand Strategy

Do you sizzle: a Rare Medium, Well-Done? Imagine yourself holding in your hands a large iron rod that at one end has a custom steel handle. At the opposite end is a well-smithed flourish of metal, which is a reversed manifestation of your ranch’s identity in visual form – it’s your brand! The Medium is …

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5 SEO Strategies in 5 Minutes

You created your website with a goal (or many) in mind: sell products, event sign-up, share information, build your brand and so on. This is exciting and awesome but also comes with the sad reality that if no one can see your website, your website goals will not be accomplished. Use Search Engine Optimization strategies to help users find your website.